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Roger Safont

Name : Roger Safont

Re : The right tool to monetize on Facebook

Hi. My name is Roger Safont. I have been creating websites and enterprise infrastructures for over 25 years. Recently, I deployed a profile engine - WannaFollow.Me and other heavily traffic websites!

I launched this website because I realized that people are struggling in their Social Media Marketing Efforts. The problem is that we are all sooooo inundated with commercial, banner ads, expert blogs, and so on, and so on.

The KEY is monetizing on Facebook is to get followers on your facebook business page that actually want to follow you, want to hear what you have to say or buy your product.

That simple step of posting a positive, non-spamlike post is how I can grow my business page virally with qualified people that I want on that page. I immediately started posting, liking, friending, and was amazed with the results. I started to grow my Fan base with QUALITY LEADS !!!

Facebook Marketing System (FMS) is the only online source that helps you grow your own fan page followers by giving you the right Facebook Information.

With your access, you can do searches for pages, groups and communities and see the necessary key information so you can like them, post to them, and make comments on Author Posts.

Very Easy and Very Smart way to Market on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Ideas

Simply Log-in and do a keyword search and find the groups you want to post to.

Post / Comment to those groups that you have been approved for.

Post / Comment on the pages that you have already liked. You can also comment on the Author's Posts or Follower's posts.

Get the right kind of information on Facebook to help you GROW !!!

Its All About ACTIVITY !!!

One important piece of information that all facebook marketing guru's conveniently forget to tell you, is that it isnt the number of likes on someones facebook page, but rather, how many people talk about it. Makes sense right?

If you have 1,000,000 people that have liked a certain page but doesnt have people constantly reposting, liking, commenting, etc, then, the page is not really going to help you grow virally. I would much rather have a high number of people talking about the page than just have the possibility that they will see my post. Members / Followers are important, but you can only grow if people see your post.

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